"- We chose AVF for their competence and flexibility" 
 Matt Arman, Business analyst at Repsol AS 


Video conferencing has proved to be an essential tool in order to communicate efficiently between onshore and offshore installations. Not only does the technology allow us to operate safely with a reduced staff offshore, it also enables us to share knowledge in real-time if there are any pressing matters. We have also established detailed routines in case of emergency where video conferencing will allow us to run meetings face to face, which makes communication better and simpler than using voice only. In addition to using video conferencing between our installations in Norway, we also have frequent meetings with our mother company that is situated in Canada. We are able to run anything from quick work group meetings to boardroom meetings over video, which saves time, money and often lead to enhanced efficiency. The ability to share knowledge quickly between the various offices and locations carry great value for Talisman.





At Talisman, AV Fusion has delivered and installed everything from projectors and screens to video conferencing with networking to our Emergency Operation Room. Polycom products are used throughout for video conferencing for a homogeneous environment. Having superior sound quality together with crystal clear HD images were paramount for choosing Polycom. Meeting rooms focusing on display systems have been outfitted with either large monitors or big screens in conjunction with projectors throwing bright, sharp images. In addition, we have focused on implementing good sound systems in all of our meeting rooms since clear sound is imperative for having successful meetings."



"It was a natural choice for Talisman to choose AV Fusion as our vendor regarding audio and visual meeting room installations.


The competence shown by their sales engineer convinced us that we would always be getting the best advice and the most suitable equipment for any given requirement. In addition, the technical staff is friendly, flexible and solution oriented, giving us the assistance we need to keep the installations working as designed at all times.


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